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Tiandexin's great success comes from the excellence of our products. We are continuously working on the development of various new solutions to help our customers optimize their processes.



Tiandexin's great success comes from the excellence of our products. We continuously work on the development of various new solutions to help our customers optimize their processes.

We fully consider the market trends, meet and exceed the various needs and desires of our customers, and flexibly respond to various special needs, thus strengthening Tiandexin's position as one of the world's leading suppliers of electronic auxiliary materials and surface protection system solutions for OEM and ODM of brands.

Over the past 10 years, the various products we have introduced to the market have accounted for nearly half of our total sales revenue. Our company's strong innovative power is strategic.

Our development of new electronic excipients, surface protection compositions and new technology platforms ensures the long-term growth and competitiveness of our company and provides a solid foundation for entering new markets. The research work we carry out with third-party laboratories is only one part of the innovation process.

We take various economic and technical factors into account, analyze market potential and take into account environmental protection. The complete elimination or significant reduction of the use of solvents in our production process is one of our main goals.

The development process at Tiandexin is based on three main principles: ingredient development, process development and product development. Only close cooperation between these three departments can ensure the success of the innovation.

Ingredient development

Basis for new products

Material and process knowledge

We are well aware that, in addition to a full grasp of market trends, the key to successful new product development lies in expert material and process knowledge. The use of innovative materials and/or production processes is often the key to providing innovative breakthrough solutions.

For this reason, we further strengthen our cooperation with third-party laboratory research as well as our engineers' continuous further development of the platforms already developed by Tendrex. They focus in particular on the further development of a large number of adhesive products.

New adhesives and innovative technologies

New polymerization processes and formulations enable the successful use of self-adhesive tapes in an increasing number of applications. A wide range of substrates and innovative special coatings are constantly expanding the possibilities for the use of these technologies. The difficulty lies in developing completely new technologies, such as the development of innovative solvent-free and more environmentally friendly adhesives.

Teamwork: fertile ground for innovation

Our aim is to ensure that our company remains competitive in the long term. Therefore, early recognition of material and technology trends is also essential, along with effective cooperation in the process development and product development departments.

The interaction of employees across departments and industries often provides fertile ground for new innovations.

Product Development

Tendrex becomes a trusted partner for global brand customers

Understanding the needs of our customers

With regard to how automobile manufacturers lay out their wire harnesses, the production of consumer electronics, home appliances, power supplies, telecommunications or the processes in the printing and paper industry, Tantivy product developers know their customers' production processes very well.

We never stop developing products to help our customers optimize their processes and also innovate products for the end customer market. The company is also moving into new markets such as the medical technology sector.

The work performed by our product developers includes planning, implementing and reviewing all the project activities required to develop and optimize a product or system solution, to bring a new product to market or to optimize a product and process.

To this end, it is equally important to have a broad understanding of customer needs and to work closely with colleagues in other departments.

Process development

Cutting-edge processes of the future are made so easy by Tandem's optimized process development

Cooperation in the design control process is one of the tasks to be performed by Tantivy engineers and technical and process developers during project work. Flexible pilot systems are used to prepare initial samples of new products for different development laboratories.

Cutting-edge process technology

Tantivy develops cutting-edge process technologies in close cooperation with research institutes in order to produce new products efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way, while maintaining the best product quality.

The knowledge and experience of our employees constitute the complete body of knowledge required for electronic accessory solutions such as self-adhesive tapes. This includes coating technology, synthesis technology, polymerization technology, extrusion technology, physical pretreatment methods and converter technology.

Close cooperation with machine and equipment manufacturers, universities and research institutes is the key to the rapid transformation of original ideas into stable production processes.

Solvent-free production

One of the most important goals of Tendrex in this process is to reduce the amount of solvents used.

The Process Development Department plays a major role in achieving this goal.